Buy investment property in Banya near Bansko Bulgaria
Golf Property in Bulgaria

Golf Property in Bulgaria

Bansko - A golf and ski combination!

Bulgaria is as famous for its mountains as it is for its beaches, and it's skiing that's the big draw for holidaymakers here. Bansko is its largest and longest-established ski resort and the fastest growing in Europe. However Bansko is also evolving into more of an 'all season' resort - nearby, at Razlog, Ryder Ian Woosnan has put his name to a new 18-hole golf course at the Pirin Golf and Country Club, a five-star resort with superb sports complex, restaurants, spa and beauty centre.

Things are moving in Bansko, a popular tourist destination in Bulgaria, currently noted for its winter sports but rapidly adding other pastimes, about 100 miles south of the nation's capital Sofia.

In Bansko lots of things are planned. Two more ski gondolas on the way, an airport within 5 years, three golf courses, mineral springs being developed and more hotel and apartment blocks. Bansko is quietly booming.

Already there are new luxury hotels, several more and several apartment blocks look close to completion. Planning controls are being enforced to restrict future building and the overall impression is one of organisation and control, not just a mad land rush, random development and quick profit.

Bulgarian Life

To many Bulgaria will not be at the top of their places to visit. But the country has much to offer. It is a land rich in history and culture, the land area of the United Kingdom, but with just 12% of the population. Diverse in natural flora and fauna and a climate that doesn't have the cruel heat of summer or biting cold of winter and a landscape of mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and gorges. At the height of summer the landscape is green and Bulgaria exports its plentiful supply of water to Turkey and Israel.

Small towns and villages dot the countryside, and the horse and carts are still common. Monasteries, fields worked by hand, taverns and fields of vines producing wine so loved by the locals.


One morning we enjoyed a traditional Bulgarian breakfast at one of the local Mehanas, a small friendly tavern type restaurant serving traditional food and drink, often with live entertainment. consisting of bread, platters of cheese, vegetables, fruit, warm honey, local jam, tea, coffee, fruit juice. Far too much to eat, we literally waddled out of the tavern into the fresh air still stunned at the price of around 1.20. The local beer is around 40p a bottle, a decent bottle of local wine, 3.00. Petrol less than half the price of the UK and so on, the cost of living is substantially lower than we were prepared for or expecting in our wildest dreams.

This combination of low cost of living, a forward thinking government, looking to expand the tourist potential of the area, along with visionary entraupenuars has led to companies investing serious money in the area.

It looks like money invested in Bulgaria will be working hard for some time to come.

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