Buy investment property in Banya near Bansko Bulgaria
Buy Ski Property in Bulgaria

Buy Ski Property in Bulgaria

Expect the best when you buy ski property in Bulgaria particularly the areas around Banya and Bansko. Bansko with its snow capped mountains and a skiing season more than four months long, a summer bringing holiday makers to the hot natural springs in neighbouring Banya and a host of pastimes like horse riding, ensure a full year of unforgettable experiences in this beautiful location in the Pirin Mountain range.

The reasons for to buy ski property in Bansko are many, the property market is just beginning to maturing, meaning your investment will only grow in the next few years. Recently the value of land has risen by a factor of ten from initial price per square meter. Millions of dollars have been pumped into the ski resorts in the Pirin Mountains, renovating and improving the resort facilities to something exceeding world class. The newly installed gondola lift now means a ten minute ride up the scenic mountains to your skiing location. If there's no snow this Bulgarian resort has the experts at snow making with a range of machines to ensure the piste remains in excellent condition.

Bansko nestles between the Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountain ranges and is a world natural heritage site. The town itself is an attraction with more than 100 cultural monuments, decorated houses, ancient fortresses within the expanding regions and rivers of Bansko. The impressive Holy Trinity Church, that boasts a thirty metre high bell tower and clock as well as intricate wood carvings.

There is no shortage of amenities and facilities in and around Bansko itself. Just 2 hours away is the capital of Sofia, with its airport but Bansko airport is in the works as well, meaning accessibility and convenience for travellers. There are a host of shopping arcades, pubs, taverns, entertainments and medical facilities within Bansko. English is one of the main languages spoken all around, with staff and people well versed in the language.

Bansko is a dream holiday area and there is never enough time to enjoy all that it has to offer, golf clubs, resorts, spas, skiing, regular festivals (like the Bansko Jazz Fest held every August). It is a jewel of Eastern Europe that offers its history, facilities and lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of places like France, Italy and Greece. That is why more people are buying property here in the mountains and skiing areas of Bansko Bulgaria - a pictorial location, and a promise you can get the best when you buy ski property in Bulgaria.

Purchase Property in Bansko Bulgaria for the closeness of nature lifestyle choice.

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